Kinetic Publishing Services

Kinetic Publishing Services is proud to announce that we have joined the Westchester Publishing Services family! Effective 10/3/2016, Kinetic has been acquired by Westchester Publishing Services, and is now a part of a larger U.S. employee-owned company. We will continue to provide quality U.S.-based composition and editorial services, and will now have even more options to provide to our clients. Click here to read the press release. And visit the Westchester Publishing Services website to learn more about expanded services that are now available to you from Westchester.

Full-Service Composition for Book and Journal Publishers

As a modern-day publisher, you constantly face a quandary: Your schedule and your budget are tight, but you still want a quality publication. Some publishers have given up on quality in favor of cost, awarding their projects to the lowest bidder.

But many publishers are realizing that this approach brings its own costs.

Fixing errors in typeset pages is expensive and time-consuming. And when it comes time to put your content on the Web or publish a revised edition, if the archive data is sloppy and unusable, you have to start from scratch—another drain on your budget and your schedule.

We have a better solution: Let Kinetic help!

Our many years in publishing have taught us that while cutting corners may appear to lower costs initially, it actually costs more in the long run. We don’t like inefficiencies, but we also don’t like mistakes, so we’ve learned which corners can be cut and which corners are best left alone.

Kinetic offers publishing solutions customized to fit your needs.

We spend extra time at the start of each project to ensure that we understand it well, to flush out any potential problems, and to determine the appropriate workflow. By the time your content reaches the typesetter, it’s well-coded and problem-free. The result for you is fewer corrections at the page proof stage, which translates to lower stress and lower cost, as well as a recouping of that time we spent up front. In addition to getting clean pages, you can also be assured that you will reap the benefit of this extra TLC in the form of well-coded data archives, which you can use for Web publishing, e-books, subsequent editions, etc.

Working with Kinetic means the highest-quality end products, great communication, and peace of mind. You can relax … We get it!