About Us

John Ferguson started Kinetic Publishing Services in 2003, with a rich background in composition, design, sales, and electronic publishing and a dedication to quality and client satisfaction. His mission was to establish a truly collaborative relationship with clients, providing publishers with an alternative to cookie-cutter composition services. The result is a company that works closely with clients to produce high-quality books and journals using the latest proven technologies along with time-honored principles of publishing.

What Makes Us Kinetic?

Our small size allows us to respond quickly to changes in technology and to tweak our processes to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We named our company Kinetic because we regard that flexibility as one of our greatest strengths. Rather than force you to conform to a large, unwieldy process that may not suit you, we work with you to create the most efficient process, and we continually strive to improve that process. Because of our size, we don’t have the high volume that some of the larger comp houses have, but we would rather succeed in delighting a handful of loyal and happy clients than struggle to satisfy scores of them.

Our Staff

Our small staff of 10 has a combined experience of over 100 years in publishing, and each staff member has a variety of experience. It’s likely your project manager has a background in layout, your typesetter is an expert in XML, and your copyeditor has done project management. This depth and variety of experience means we can spot inefficiencies in a workflow as readily as we can spot typos and hyphen stacks.