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Composition Services

Kinetic understands the importance of generating useful data that not only results in professional-looking pages, but is also available for repurposing on the Internet or for your archives. Our composition services include page composition, art creation and modification, design, and keying.

Page Composition

Page composition (also called typesetting or page layout) is the core of our business. Whether your source material consists of Word files, typeset files from a previous edition, or a pile of photocopies, in Kinetic’s hands the end result will be well-coded, printer-ready files typeset to your specifications. We ensure the integrity of your data throughout the production process by applying a rich coding structure to your Word files prior to page composition. Each page is inspected by our staff before it goes out for client review, and each change from that point forward goes through the same careful inspection.

The quality of our page composition is unparalleled. Each of our compositors has at least 20 years of experience working with all types of publications, so not only can we expertly set pages to your specifications, we can also use our wealth of experience to make improvements, pointing out inconsistencies or making design and layout suggestions based on standard practice. We really know our stuff, and we delight in sharing our knowledge with those clients who wish to draw on our expertise.

We use InDesign for typesetting, because it works well with other applications and because it supports Applescript, XML, and XSLT, which opens up a world of possibilities for repurposing data. If your source files are in Quark, we'll convert your Quark layouts to InDesign.

When a project is complete, Kinetic typically sends final printer PDFs. Depending on your needs, we always suggest that you have an archive of the job. We can also supply downloads and different electronic formats (see "Electronic Publishing").

Art Creation and Modification

Kinetic can either re-create art based on author drawings or clean up author-supplied art, making it consistent and in line with your specifications.


Kinetic’s experienced designers work with you to create a design that appropriately reflects your content. Whether you are looking for a whole new idea, a modification to freshen up what you already have, or just minor tweaks, we can accommodate your needs. See examples of our design work here.


For projects that include hard-copy source material, Kinetic staffers type the material into a Word file and proofread the typed file before handing it over for composition or copyediting. During busy seasons we may outsource keying so that we can focus on our other services.